Por favor, persiga-me

“Please Chase Me”

toscamente traduzido como persiga-me, aqui, a essa hora com esse cabelo entre um render e outro

é o trabalho de Joel Ross que une fotografia e instalação


O autor procura espaços públicos que são visualizados de estradas ou ruas. A idéia é pegar o espectador desprevenido, por isso a predileção por becos e estacionamentos, espaços “simultaneamente visíveis e invisíveis”

” We looked for fissures and vacancies, roadside spaces we could take advantage of, and then wrote narratives and built sculptures to fill them. We also wrote stories and then searched (sometimes exhaustively) to find locations with the right conditions for those characters. The sculptures are declarations, and they take possession of their site, however briefly, with confidence, humor, urgency, and sometimes aggression.

The installations guide interpretation of the sites, undermining them fundamentally with suggested threats or glorifying them with an infusion of pride or implying the aftermath of a celebration. To those who see them in person and also those who see the photographs later, we hope the sculptures that we install and abandon appear like voices sprouting from cracks in the landscape. These hard won scripts are almost always revealed at night, but sometimes during the in-between times of dawn or dusk.

Since our work is surreptitious and unauthorized, most of the sculptures disappear within 24 hours, removed and very likely destroyed. For this new series we decided to make all of the sculptures relatively small and easily manipulated – with the theory that some of them might be taken as trophies or gifts (fitting easily inside a hatchback and on the wall in most any garage or den) rather than be demolished. To our delight, at several sites where installations were removed we found clear evidence that part of the sculpture had indeed been captured rather than thrown away. Although it is not always possible, we often revisit and check up on the installations, repeatedly if they survive. We usually photograph whatever we find that remains on site, but we never interfere with the objects again. We simply observe, document, and then leave it exactly as we found it. Our part is done. And it is best left that way – open, unknown, and never-ending. ”

– de Artists’ Statement –about Alleys and Parking Lots [a collaboration with Jason Creps] Solo show at Monique Meloche Gallery – September 2012


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